More Beautiful than Silence

Can you hear her, silence

Can you hear her rumbles, silence

Can you hear her squill at the dust, silence
She’s trying to breathe
She’s trying to tear apart her bosom

So she could sweep,
sweep with excitement

Sweep without a shadow
Sweep away hindrances

Sweep to the edge of her friend, the rainbow
Sweep low enough to tickle Miss Rainbow

Silence, it’s beautiful

Soar, it’s beautiful

No reason to have a foundation when she’s singing
No reason not to glide when her melody begins tingling

No reason at all
No reason for sure

Silence, it’s beautiful

Open your heart
Open your mind
Open your dearest of souls

Whatever she says, is worth a ear Whatever she says, deserves a shhh

Whatever she expresses, is worthy of no violence

Whatever you say Miss Wind, is more beautiful than silence.

11 thoughts on “More Beautiful than Silence

    • Cross my heart. Since I’m often writing with much metaphors….., I dread what meaning may be created from my work. I like reviews, but I’m often nervous. Fear of getting slammed or being completely misunderstood. Sometimes the reviews reveals something I didn’t think of.. which expands on the piece. It’s a 50-50 thing . Art right?


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