My Resurrection

It was all but innocence, my love – your guilt
A flurry pretence, my floor – your filth
The strengths that I gave, but you said I was too strong
The patience I bred, and I bred it for too long

I died every minute, you really never cared
I was there every minute, but you were never really there
You took all you wanted, and left me a bar stool
Now in clarity I see nothing to loose

So I rise

Cry if you will, til your face be drowned
Storm up the tears, I’ll watch as they hit the ground
I’ve faced your cruel heart for the longest of days
But today is the day I set sail on the waves of your tears

What a thing to say, but what am I to do
The clear conscience of me is long overdue
I gave all of me while you role-played your love
Lost all the bets, while your dice relayed a curse

I saw the messages, but I never got the message
Imagining a comfort zone, like money between a cleavage
But it was never peace, you were on an all out war
That’s fine. Now its my turn to settle the score

So I rise

I’m done sitting for this. Yes. I’m done sitting for this
Ace of Hearts on the table, I’m finished with this
Reach out all you want, you’re not that tall
I’m perfectly laced with a straight face, watching your tears waterfall

Hear that?
Those are my wings in winds of resurrection


Andreá Fellini *2012*Copyright!

art: Large Fire Wings by Matt The Samurai

35 thoughts on “My Resurrection

  1. This is so jarring: THEN YOU RISE. Quite affecting. And also your use of blank space here is so perfect and elegant. You force me to stop and go and chop and pause and sputter. I probably read it just like you think it and read it yourself. Awesome.

    Such resolve dude, very powerful. And hear I took you for shallow. HAH! 🙂 –>kidding


  2. Love this one… All I can think by the end is one lover saying to his/her ex lover is “How do you like them apples?” Standing tall and doing well is the best comeback from any heartbreak. 🙂


  3. Wow! This is extremely powerful. The voice in this poem comes out very strong and clear. Every word was dense in its meaning! You have a nice way with words. I save my favorite poems, and I’ll be saving this poem.


  4. i was going to say superb, but you have gotten it, then outstanding, you got it too, and Maryam sum it all. in what sort of occasion you come up with this feelings? or thoughts? or is there any special occasion at all? or you just possessed by words? i hope i put my question right


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