the Edge of my Desire

the Edge of my Desire.

Beautiful Lie (Pt.2)

  He hits the sofa with a sigh and a back pocket of a couple grand Can’t trust a bank, so his vault is a rubber-band He reclines, just to glimpse her in the kitchen What a view, the last thing on his mind is the chicken   The life he’s chosen has a subtle line Every other day his […]

I Lost My Best Poem

I found the words in the strangest of places Every word, every rhyme, came like a world of aces I nurtured every approach to it, like I would an approaching child I carefully planned dates, just to be in a presence so mild I savored every moment with a clutch, even your silence Even the […]

One Shot

One shot to your heart Breaking your skin No one has the power to hurt you like your kin One shot to the heart Breaking my skin One sentence was all you took, to reduce me to sin One shot to the heart Breaking my skin You discarded my trust, and left nothing in between […]