Beautiful Lie (Pt.2)

  He hits the sofa with a sigh and a back pocket of a couple grand Can’t trust a bank, so his vault is a rubber-band He reclines, just to glimpse her in the kitchen What a view, the last thing on his mind is the chicken   The life he’s chosen has a subtle line Every other day his […]

Beautiful Lie (Pt.1)

She’s too young to have seen it all But that comes with the territory They make rude gestures as she walks by But that’s them at their best, no need for sorry   The shoes have lost their hurt So she struts like a wonder-woman Routine becomes a blurr Still in need of a saviour, […]

…and There’s My Full Stop

Noun. you were definitely more to me Subject. you came first, and behind was every part of me. Pronoun. Nothing proceeded you. It was just you, you, and you again Conjunction. I built a bridge just for you. Refocused everything I knew just to fit you. Exclamation. That’s how I feel, I put my feelings […]