dancing in the rain

it’s the bliss of the winter in the aire tonight
family dinner, let’s pretend its alright
tables, set right across from each other
fate, or whoever decided this couldn’t have done better

yadda yadda yadda, peekaboo peekaboo
i’m liking this, watching you watch me watch you
we’ve gone past awkward
now its all cool
clings, yums, pictures all fade
retina zooms, before me is just you

i don’t wanna be here,and i can tell neither do you
i’m chiming in on the conversation, but my mind is you
i’m needing an excuse to walk down your planes
let’s run away, or anything
let’s go dancing in the rain

i have a lighter, smoke-break pretence
i’m all for it my dear, just wink in advance
i’ll follow you, all the way down memory lane
we’ll escape the patio, and go dancing in the rain

i don’t know why this train of thought
but i’m assured in your eyes, that you’ll follow me
i’m a ghost to romance, and passion
and love barely follows me

but your shy smile is piercing through with a strain of change
so, take my hand my dear… let’s salsa in the rain

we’ll leave our perfections at the door, and go soak our boots
wash away with clarity, and mists in the truth
the drops will be our drums,the sky – our mistletoe
we lip-lock away and dance steps we never knew

you’ve taken my mind already
now, just take my hand

23 thoughts on “dancing in the rain

  1. An all consuming chemistry/attraction… oh how we’ve all been there. Beautifully written Andrea, love your work! 🙂 Your descriptive style makes me feel like I am almost the character… not just relating to him.



  2. Nothing works like a partner in crime to “get the hell outta there” when it’s absolutely necessary. Very nicely expressed no doubt. Makes me wanna be only outside in the rain. 🙂

    Diggin the new blog look, very nice!


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