Dear Frankenstein, my gratitude.


hello world, if hello is even a word

hello father, why do your eyes pierce her girth


her innocence aflee, from the very first day

they say reality stinks

they didn’t tell her it does from your very birthday


you were supposed to be her strength, but you tore her apart

overdosed on bile, the enzyme of your heart

with every step came disgust, as she climbed her charts

now look at her, ice-box fenced around her heart


the cries of a girl, piled from nails of hate

the warmth of love, riled from burns of loathe

how coldly, have you looked upon thy daughter

thy creation, demur – a meat for your slaughter


a fight to the life, death was her only cloud

she was never scared to drown, her tears are covered in shroud


but somehow, she holds dear her last glimpse of light

her david within is now ready to fight

come forth goliath, you’re nothing but a myth

with a might of forgiveness – she becomes thy crypt

come forth i dare you, your time is nigh

let it be known, her glory would be your last sight


with every last bruise you gave her

for all the days she dreanched in tears

for every last brick in your kremlin

she emerged from a den of fears


and she says thank you, for she has learned to conquer

thank you, for your hate was her sponsor

thank you, for creating a monster

thank you, for you made her stronger

19 thoughts on “Dear Frankenstein, my gratitude.

  1. I like the emotion in this piece and especially like the last stanza because rather than harboring bitter hatred, she chooses to focus on the ‘good’ traits life has formed for her. To find out from your comment that it was inspired by a true story made it even better.


  2. A powerfully, moving piece – strength gained through the crucible of pain and betrayal – the line that really stayed with me was – with a might of forgiveness – she becomes thy crypt. Wow – everything a good poem should be. Thanks.


  3. This post is so apt for what is my country, India, is going through…. The Delhi rape case has shook us… Indeed, daughters have become a meat for slaughter…


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