What Good is a Writer?


What good is a writer?
If he can’t fight. Strife. Define.
Help to underline the intrigues of a beautiful life.
If he can’t hide. Confide. Defy
The Imaginations we have lost while punctuating our archives.

What good is a writer?
If he can’t share. Be clear. Declare
The injustices within so the world beware.
If he can’t turn. Reform. And warn.
So we get a better truth so loud that we trigger the norm.

What good is a writer?
If he can’t maim. Tame. Maintain.
The rational debates that solicits our brain.
If he can’t curb. Curve. Love.
Paint a picture so delicate like the feathers of a dove.

What good is a writer?
If he can’t taunt. Scorn. And burn.
Deliver to virgin ears the rawness without censoring cunt.
If he can’t see. Receive. Perceive.
The agony of weeds surrounded by the trees.

What good is a writer?
If he can’t guard. Scar. Disbar.
Break far from the sceptre of the world’s bazaar.
Break far from the caviar that keeps our minds in jars.
Curb. Curve. And love.

What good?


Andreá Fellini  &  Pete Armetta


41 thoughts on “What Good is a Writer?

  1. It is one thing to ‘bleed’; as Mr. H puts it, but it is quite another thing to write. You ask what good is a writer who can’y do all you think he should. No writer can do all those things any of the time if he does not work at perfecting his writing and what he has written to make all those things a reality. Revise, Revise, Revise–always ask yourself–“Is this what I am trying to say? Is this the thing I want to say?!!!!>KB


  2. Good thoughts-I always hope that baring anything I feel at a given time not only helps cleanse me but helps the reader come to accept his or her own wild angry, joyful or depressing thoughts.


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  4. If the writer cannot do these things they are not a writer, period. It may sound elitist but it’s true. A writer, someone making literary art, must be able to make their intended audience think and feel.

    I also think that romanticising writing is also wrong. Writers don’t bleed their work and, on the other hand, they don’t make it mechanically. There are far, far too many people that think that way, that think that one is artistic and the other is serious. It doesn’t represent writing for what it really is. At the same time, we must remember that we get this strong either/or imagery from established writers more than anything else.

    In his lone novel, Rainer Maria Rilke noted something very important things about writing. I’d like to gather them together and appropriate their meaning for use here. Through writing has to ‘come from the blood,’ so to speak, we must be able to meaningfully and clearly communicate what the world is, what the world could be, what we want the world to be, and a whole host of other things. Without the ability to do these things, the ability and willingness to observe life (not merely have experiences in a reckless manner because they are experiences), the talent to describe and mould these observations into poetry and prose and the dedication to make their art the best it can possibly be…well, they’re not writers. They are either misguided, confused or hacks.


    • I agree with you in the general idea. That’s why I wrote the piece. But at the same time, writing comes from inspiration…….however it may come. Not only established writers can give a view of the world. Everyone one can, in their own unique way…they can. Yes, writing is a gift and like any other, can be mastered beyond imaginations. But that’s the best writing can be. A perfect imagination. And what makes perfect? Loads of imperfections make perfect. There are 7 billion people on earth, not everyone is the exact same shoe as the next man. As much I want you to hear you speak, the next man should also be given a chance. And his clumsy way of expression may just be the inspiration the world needs.


      • “And his clumsy way of expression may just be the inspiration the world needs.”

        That part is very important.

        There is a difference between art and non-art (expression), however much people may like to blend the two to save feelings. Artistic expression isn’t art but it certainly can influence art and, in and of itself, be a fantastic bit of expression. But art aims to be art, it doesn’t and cannot happen by accident. This holds true no matter what Post-Modernists believe.

        (That last bit, of course, isn’t accusatory but, unfortunately, is best said when you’re not sure how someone might take it. I have the strong tendency of speaking very directly and that often catches people off guard.)

        You are also right that “[a]s much I want you to hear you speak [artistically], the next man should also be given a chance.” People should be given a chance to speak artistically but they must also recognise how they are speaking and why. Just because someone can do something does not mean that they should and the artist must always be open to criticism in order to be a better artist. This is something that people who conflate artistic expression and art often baulk at and, worse yet, lash out at the person doing the critiquing for the perceived affront.

        With that said, I don’t believe that there can be a ‘best’ artist in any particular medium. There are certainly better artists, both objectively and subjectively, but I don’t think that adding up objective ‘best at’ awards can make for a ‘best’ artist. Ultimately, art must make people think and feel. It must. Sometimes very simplistic art does this and sometimes very complex art does this, it simply is what it is. And that’s fantastic. I may not like certain writers and they may legitimately not be very good from an objective standpoint. But if they set out to make a certain audience think and feel, if they can pull that off, no matter how small that audience…well, that artist may be someone I consider a successful artist.

        That’s one of the great things about art. Being a real artist is complicated, but there’s nothing complicated about an audience being reached.


  5. I am fascinated by the discussion, it’s the age old what is art dialogue, thank you. My perspective says, you can stir emotions, tease human feelings and exploit proclivities to reach people. You give them what their heart desires and our hearts so often desire what is not beneficial. Reaching people with truth rather than lies, now that takes courage.


  6. nice style, as for writing I just sit & write, every time I think what shall I write it comes out shit. Now i just write sooner or later it comes as an old Bukowski maxim ‘Don’t try’.


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