Beautiful Lie (Pt.2)


He hits the sofa with a sigh and a back pocket of a couple grand

Can’t trust a bank, so his vault is a rubber-band

He reclines, just to glimpse her in the kitchen

What a view, the last thing on his mind is the chicken


The life he’s chosen has a subtle line

Every other day his life is on the line

But the cars, clothes and stained cash comes with the prime

Drug dealer, living a Beautiful Lie

***** ***** *****


Her whole world is subdued by the party life

Her money poofs on the dresses, just to hug her body right

She’s been living like this ever since Mr.Friday Night

No love, but she’ll settle for the lights


He doesn’t know her last name, but hell it’s a Vegas night

All she cares about, is nurturing a vice

Rock-and-Roll and the sex carries all her might

Penthouse, the view is a Beautiful Lie

***** ***** *****


He fell in love from the very first day of sight

Tunnelled life, but in her he saw the light

But he was just a boy-toy, something for the night

She drained him of his youth every other night


They lay cuddled, looking at Kingston skies

He spelt out his whole life, she dotted the ‘i’s

She knows Jamaica is full of his kind, every summer they breeze by

He thought love, she thought, what a Beautiful Lie


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