I Lost My Best Poem

I found the words in the strangest of places

Every word, every rhyme, came like a world of aces

I nurtured every approach to it, like I would an approaching child

I carefully planned dates, just to be in a presence so mild

I savored every moment with a clutch, even your silence

Even the silence, had no writers block

We glided smoothly, birds of the very same flock

I hid you sincerely, away from my world of distractions

I never showed you off, though my soul longed for such attractions

I reserved my comments, but wore the smile proudly

You tickled my fancy, more so loudly

So I traded my treasure to guts, and shared you with my world

My friends stared at your glamor, and under my arms you crawled

But soon, you passed my jotter to a friend, and he saw and felt what I felt intensely

My drool over your metaphors, blinded me immensely

The tides turned, and soon you were gliding far and furthermore

I could still see you, but every un-reaching sight hurt that much more

For you found solace, in another’s bosom

And all left with me, was imaginations of your bare bottom

I lost the words, the rhythm, the melody, even the ending

It didn’t even start, and it was already ending

I lost my best Poem in you
And I lost you to my close friend

So long Chanél Lou

You were my best Poem

– Andreá Fellini

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