A Sway of Passion


She watches, as he sits in his chair
Orchestra, the waves in his hair
His fingers find their way to the grip of her pores
And starts digging…… She gasps in awe

He begins slow,
with bit and pieces
smiles and wishes
Colors and melodies

And gradually syncs with the beat of heart
Dear God, how could he come so far

So she sways….

Her heart pines in his rhythm of jazz
Naughty strings played with elegance and class

It builds momentum and falls right on her heart
First it had her ears, now it owns her heart

Thus, her sway…

Dancing in the breeze
Her waist tilts, fine-tuning her seams
She hums to the hymns like she wrote it herself
O yes,

She wrote it herself.

She swayed for hope
She swayed for joy
She swayed for life
A Sway of Passion

The music levitates and builds her through
And with a glide so smooth, her heart is renewed

One day, she will be in his arms
One day, she will carry his charm
One day, she will find herself that ticket
But until then, she sways with a secret.

Andreá Fellini *2013*Copyright!

17 thoughts on “A Sway of Passion

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  2. Aah, idol worship. I feel that way about maybe … Justin Tranter from Semi Precious Weapons. I like the motion in the words that signify dance, even though I’m a terrible fan girl.


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