Against The Odds


We were made to press the rings
Made from the leaves that floated across the stream
Made from thorns of rims
Made from petals on top of concrete beams

Designed to fall apart
Defined by a world that forged memories from scars
Between the glares o’ lights
Between the fair and partial, between the queens o’ knights

The breath we drew deny
The life we led pronounced our kryptonite
How far we ruled the night
How dense the straw that pulled the horse of knights

Enchanting though it seems
Romance is nothing more than our loss of sight
Before a limb of hope
The floor is where heroes drown and dreams a’ hove

The clear the clouds above
The wait the rain remains someday a’ flow

If just the world could be
Our love would bloom beside the sea
But neh to such romance
Neh, for all that we could be has not a chance

In the world of now, not a chance

15 thoughts on “Against The Odds

  1. Beautiful! This poem is great in the fact that while some of the meaning is accessible, some of it is not, which makes you read it over and over, not only to catch its meaning but also to appreciate its rhythm. It’s a beautiful rhythm. Keep writing! I’m glad I found your poetry.


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