The Revolution will not be Televised.

If I go to bed tonight, what will I wake up to. If I slide away into a world of dreams, which step will i shoe. The changes we seek, the paths we lay, the contrast of meek, the wraths our way, which pore shall lead us astray. If we decide on what tomorrow shall […]

A Sway of Passion

She watches, as he sits in his chair Orchestra, the waves in his hair His fingers find their way to the grip of her pores And starts digging…… She gasps in awe He begins slow, with bit and pieces smiles and wishes Colors and melodies And gradually syncs with the beat of heart Dear God, […]

Against The Odds

We were made to press the rings Made from the leaves that floated across the stream Made from thorns of rims Made from petals on top of concrete beams Designed to fall apart Defined by a world that forged memories from scars Between the glares o’ lights Between the fair and partial, between the queens […]

Dear Frankenstein, my gratitude.

hello world, if hello is even a word hello father, why do your eyes pierce her girth * her innocence aflee, from the very first day they say reality stinks they didn’t tell her it does from your very birthday * you were supposed to be her strength, but you tore her apart overdosed on […]

dancing in the rain

it’s the bliss of the winter in the aire tonight family dinner, let’s pretend its alright tables, set right across from each other fate, or whoever decided this couldn’t have done better yadda yadda yadda, peekaboo peekaboo i’m liking this, watching you watch me watch you we’ve gone past awkward now its all cool clings, […]

Blues of Luther

Eyes close, and slowly his dreams began their flourish Air, leaves, and birds emerge from the hills of the Moorish Echoes of ideology rebound from the walls of the Pharisees’ temple The earth scorns in disbelief, noteworthy; Lucifer himself was an angel Clarity, behind the clouds he sees the future of a Tremble Transgessions unfold […]