My Irreparable Sense of Humor

Canva - Cheerful Woman in a White Dress

Sting said;

Sometimes in life you feel the fight is over
But after this fight, I feel my life is over

After so many drunk-dials gone wrong, I promised to stay sober

No more shall I go through such abyss, no sir

That was last Christmas, now even my promises don’t know where my hopes are

I stayed strong as I could, but within me was a poser
Still kept that photo in my wallet, my beloved poster

I shot my soul, with a weapon from my own holster

Too much whisky, yes, too much mimosa
Every night, my therapist and I became closer

As I search for an elevator with a lean posture
I remember I left my keys in her Range Rover

Now my brain hovers

Another drunk-dial? Another what? No sir
I’d rather not ride that same roller coaster

So I’ll sleep in the lobby, the couch’s my new lover

Can I help you? Said the concierge. No sir
You look like your life’s over

I reply, That’s what Sting said. Haha

Good thing I still have my irreparable sense of humor

– Andreá Feliini

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