Rated R…


They were once two peas in the same pod
Two devices, charged with same chord

Two getaways, locked in the same room
Two strands of fireworks, same boom!

Their story was too good to be true, almost deceptive
When their worlds collided, t’was definitely eclectic

Every romance wished for the same story
Same walk, stroll and runs of the same hurry

They loved the same things, even drank from the same bar
Two versions of the same story, same scar

Together they felt called, so they marched on the same road
Same signs and posters, burdened by the same load

Two bodies, with beats from the same heart
Two pairs of boobs, cupped in the same bra

They made love like two epileptic-squirrels
She became Hermione, and she became her Weasel

Holly holly, dolly dolly, wobble wobble
Two Monsters going at it on a Full Throttle

From the same fountain came sounds of the same whistle
Same groans, moans with the same tickle

Two streams of hot lava, pouring from one volcano
Two birds of the same squirt, one falsetto

But college was over, and their lineage was torn apart
They had to return to different worlds, and pretend they didn’t forget their hearts

For all the world saw was just two roomies, girls of the same par

But indoors behind the veils of karma sutra, their love was Rated R

Andreá Fellini *2012*Copyright!

art: november by justiv

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