Beautiful Lie (pt. 3)


I’ve seen the examples, They all came before
The scenes of rumbles, The planes galore
The things i scramble, The plains I floor
But there’s a constant draw to the angles I explore

The money, the girls, the fancy cars
The lights, the cheers, watches decorated with stars
The faces, the themes, the dreams we par
The juice, the fuse, sparks from the bottles afar

These things and more duly fill the depth of me
And the grand finale will certainly be the death of me

I still hold dear the vapors of the simple life
But if truth be told, at this point it’s all just a beautiful lie

Every other night, a rotunda of faces
As the clock rotates, I’m lost in maces
Shots and high fives, to total strangers
Caution signs vamoose, I’m immune to danger
Cruise control on highways with no exit signs
I’m coasting like a child on the heels of prime

Mama warned me about the allure of the nights
Don’t worry ma, that’s why we invented street lights
I promised her I’ll never loose the simple life
But look at me now, I’m hung on a beautiful lie

It’s okay to concur that this addiction germinates from the depth of me

So i live fast, until I crash into the death of me

Andreá Fellini *2013*Copyright!

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