Beautiful Lie (pt. 3)


I’ve seen the examples, They all came before
The scenes of rumbles, The planes galore
The things i scramble, The plains I floor
But there’s a constant draw to the angles I explore

The money, the girls, the fancy cars
The lights, the cheers, watches decorated with stars
The faces, the themes, the dreams we par
The juice, the fuse, sparks from the bottles afar

These things and more duly fill the depth of me
And the grand finale will certainly be the death of me

I still hold dear the vapors of the simple life
But if truth be told, at this point it’s all just a beautiful lie

Every other night, a rotunda of faces
As the clock rotates, I’m lost in maces
Shots and high fives, to total strangers
Caution signs vamoose, I’m immune to danger
Cruise control on highways with no exit signs
I’m coasting like a child on the heels of prime

Mama warned me about the allure of the nights
Don’t worry ma, that’s why we invented street lights
I promised her I’ll never loose the simple life
But look at me now, I’m hung on a beautiful lie

It’s okay to concur that this addiction germinates from the depth of me

So i live fast, until I crash into the death of me

Andreá Fellini *2013*Copyright!


Andrea' Fellini's ...

A world of ponders
   A pearl with wonders
So many faces
   Trail the numbers
Beyond the yonder
   My soul is fonda’
Revs of Honda
   Wake me from slumber

I die today
   I live tomor
I fly the air
   Beneath the stars
I sail my fears
   To worlds afar
Wake me my dear
   I need the scars

The last days are near
   My time is nigh
Beneath sincere
   I climb my high
My trips are clear
   My mind is bright
Wake me from fear
   I’ll touch the sky


Andreá Fellini *2012*Copyright!

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The In Crowd


The mist, the hue, the intrigue
In the midst of the glue, we sink deep
Realising our fortunes and mischiefs
How we made it this far is still a mystery

Our history repeats like it was pre-recorded
Going through hell, just because we could afford it
There’s a thin line that every one of us is accorded
It’s a personal blunder deciding what goes after or before it


Our standards are so low, no wonder why we’re tripping
We anchor to the facade as our minds stay dripping
Hoping to flood a lane so we can sail ashore
But the crumbs of the norms help unveil our core

And so we fade away, lost in the inner inns
Every fume is a clustered blur of cinnamon
The misery springs from our shames on high horses
But there’s no stopping us. We’ll perish and in the afterlife, fly vultures

The In Crowd

Andreá Fellini *2013*Copyright!

Art: assassin by ulorinvex

Andrea' Fellini's ...


Across from him, she sat
Across from him, she wondered
Across from him? What a place to be
Across from him, her soul longed to be free

She beckoned for a drink, just so to calm the tension
No words spoke, but one could feel the high tension

Restless, she begged for ease
For his eyes penetrated, way beneath her fleece

It’s the wrong day to be married, its a wrong to be
It’s a wrong way to be carried, carried away by he

He who sees me different. O why does he
He who makes me wither. O, save me please

No comfort in this feeling, but still she’s curious
Would I like this tomorrow? Would I, be furious?

Courage O courage, how dare you be me
So she posed the question

“Please, tell me what you would do, to me” .
Andreá Fellini *2012*Copyright!

art: february stars by…

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Blog of the Year. Twice!!

hey there people of blog-earth.

i’ll keep this as informal as possible, but i just had to say start that way, haha. Image Image

i wanted to take the time out to thank you guys for your comments, commendations and most importantly, your inspiration.

Last year ended with me getting two Blog of The Year nominations. Thanks to  and

You guys rock!!! i’m forever grateful. sorry for the late response, i’m sadly the busiest person who ever walked the earth. haha. thank you thank you thank you.

as the rules specify, i’m gladly nominating the following blogs for the same award. i believe they deserve it and they inspire me in different ways. so many blogs to choose from; but these ones at this moment i duff my hat to.         Pete is awesome. we share poet nod of respect. i see you. this is becoming one of my favorites. up and coming genius. Gavriel, you are my muse. Dude you sometimes are on a different level. I’m often stunned at your genius. Mr. Ellington, you remain in a class of your own now this blog carries a different ”life” to it. i go here to laugh, gaze and just have a great time.

Now for the rules:

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Rants. Chants. and Tantrums.


Who’s real? Who’s not?
What’s real? What’s not?

How terrible is it to be caught in the triangle of that decision. The point, the four corners of every remission. Physical, tangible, vivid, but lost. The alter of Walter’s tomb reminding us of the kid we lost to the “stalker”. Rhetorical,…..yes, its all a rhetoric. Don’t try to define the words because the meaning consumes the idea. The fact that the problems on earth have been long syndicated. Picture ‘Seinfeld’, playing on every channel, every minute, everyday in every coast in the world. Back to back episodes of our ‘Beautiful Lies’, the unique stubborn that overcomes our daily pillows. Our reality is mixed, mixed with everything unlimited. Reality mixed with dreams, black magic and hallucination.

Sit down.

Sip water.


Now start hallucinating.

Let’s retract our last liability of crazy. Immensely mash our senses and soar above all pretences. Dream dreams that are gloriously fucked up and moist with the runny noses of baby-demons. Weave through sense till we arrive in the threshold of nonsense.

No, senses.. and nonsenses. Those could be better words.

Let’s return to the Churchill ways and twart the memories that fuel our Stalin.

No,… polarity wouldn’t let us. So let’s turn to the images in our hallucination.

Hallucination. That’s our world. Our minds cannot make up anything that wasn’t there to start with. Or things that were not sucked in from experience with our reality. Our imagination can’t create anything new, can it? It only recycles bits and pieces from the world, and reassembles them into visions. So when we think we’ve escaped the unbearable ordinaryness and untruthfulness of our lives, its really only the same old ordinary and falseness rearranged into the appearance of novelty and truth. Nothing unknown is knowable. There’s nothing new under the sun. It’s all been done twice and over again.

Old folks will tell you, ‘I wasn’t born yesterday’. But fact is, we, here, today, were all born yesterday.

O punctuations, fail me now.

We have seen these screams before, heard these pictures in our memory. But no. No to the new, yes to the repeat. That’s how we all dwell in our subconscious.


The epic cruelty of mankind has and will forever outlast some baby in a manger.

Andreá Fellini 2013 Copyright!