My Cirque Du Soleil

Pink and Black Grunge Creative Wattpad Book Cover

If I could watch you for a moment
Yes, only watching
Moments of perfect contours
Give rise to my Venusian

A goddess, even to the mirror
A Kodak moment, ever so clearer
At dawn I rise, just to catch you exit the shower

There she is
With a neckline so sensitive

Strut with legs, like pillars of sphinx
A waist. Lined with rhythm, describing my jinx

My gaze is lost on the appeal of your nipples
Perfectly crafted with a saxophonic sizzle

Your spine-line falls, two dots, I see Bahamas
Bless the soul that nurtured your mama’s

My eyes follows the drip, down to your groomed vegetation,
Furry wall

So tender, like a new born guitar
Begging for melodies from a protegé

O, I will return on all I believe, and declare today
Yes, there is a God

For no man could have molded such
God only

I could live like this forever
For my bitter eyes have found solace on her

Her body
Is my Cirque du Soleil

Andreá Fellini *2012*Copyright!

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