Goodbye Hollywood

White Edgy Photo Fashion Book Cover

O, how much I’ve toiled
O, how much I’ve scrapped your soil

How much of my sweat have you trickled
Days, nights, til my cells go sickle

O, How much of me have you whisked away
My dreams left at every audition stair

O, how much my sincerity has cost me
How so, my clouds have remain frosty

All of my Meryl have been Streeped for you
All of my ego, crushed

Every line rehearsed, just to lip for you
But no chance, my blue eyes, flushed.

How many times have I yelled in frustration,
How much bills have I paid,

How many lines have I refused participation,
How much beds I refuse to lay.

It’s clear you never saw me, even though you are all I see
It’s clear this wasn’t my shine, even though I whitened my teeth

It’s now I summon my courage, to return home to Kansas
For you have sucked all my zodiac, only left, is cancer.

O Hollywood

I wish you did,
I wish you done,
I wish you do.
I wish you will someday remember me.

Until then,

Be at least decent enough to kiss me ‘goodbye’.

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