The Revolution will not be Televised.

If I go to bed tonight, what will I wake up to. If I slide away into a world of dreams, which step will i shoe.

The changes we seek, the paths we lay, the contrast of meek, the wraths our way, which pore shall lead us astray.

If we decide on what tomorrow shall become, so fast. Then we’ve lost the essence of what life is worth.

Every stone, every grain of sand, shifts. Shifts to form what we call our earth. Same way our sweat, strength and weaknesses, form our worth.

No war is won without strategy. No life forgoes tragedy. Rise and fall, to and fro, we guide our own fallacy.

We have to be meticulous in every plan. We have to be indigenous in every thought. Or else, we ignorantly execute every man. We void every fought.

The ratio of rationale that beckons our intellect, is only summoned by the hosts of our regret.

We once saw, so now we yearn. We once grew, now we groan. Those exploits of Alexander have not left a scar deep enough to tingle our spine. That’s why we don’t think, our concern is mainly ‘yours’ and ‘mine’.

If manuals like Mein Kampf have taught us nothing, then we are not fit to label progress. For even the most vicious, knew that planning, equates progress.

So now, we plan.

Return to our boards, seeks our architectural souls, and reconstruct. Pursue ignorance, with tiny drops of knowledge. Until it’s soaked in the ocean of Luther’s dream.

Man, is originally tribal. So this new wave, this new world order of togetherness, is something we have to puzzle on.

Bit, by bit.

The revolt is never televised, only the aftermath. Egypt wasn’t built, it was a dream of pharaohs. Greece was a careful spill from the glass of Ceasars.

If we are to be accomplished, on one accord, then we need to return to the one true base of integrity.


Nevertheless, beware. Be thou aware, that the same letters that spell ‘silent’ and ‘listen’, also accomodate ‘tinsel’.

Beware, or the efforts of revolt would have been for nought.

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