What Have We Become?


Have we evolved to be nasty or nice?
Have we become more appreciative, or are we bundled by price?
Have we dived into unplumbed sewage of truths, or are we surfing on a surface of lies?
How unfathomable is our super-sized mega-dome of egos?
How meek is our blush?
How loud is our torts of disagreements?
How subtle is our hush?

How often do we alter definitions, just to cloud what we feel.
How far do we stretch to find reasonable doubts, just to shroud how we kill.
How trendy have we made rebellion?
So well fashioned that the point is lost.
How skeptical have our fingers become?
Touch not, so our levels of ‘hygiene’ not be crossed.

How much do we care?
How much, do we really care?
How well do we listen?
How well, do we really pay attention?

If the progress of mankind was based on the level of our ‘give-a-fuck’, then we’d be doomed.
Ironically, we scramble for every little recognition. Check the ‘flags on our moon’.
The only reason we’ve survived for this long is because; in a cranny somewhere…lays a young soul with the potentials of answering this question:

What have we become?

Andreá Fellini *2013*Copyright!

11 thoughts on “What Have We Become?

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