Andrea' Fellini's ...

It was all but innocence, my love – your guilt
A flurry pretence, my floor – your filth
The strengths that I gave, but you said I was too strong
The patience I bred, and I bred it for too long

I died every minute, you really never cared
I was there every minute, but you were never really there
You took all you wanted, and left me a bar stool
Now in clarity I see nothing to loose

So I rise

Cry if you will, til your face be drowned
Storm up the tears, I’ll watch as they hit the ground
I’ve faced your cruel heart for the longest of days
But today is the day I set sail on the waves of your tears

What a thing to say, but what am I to do
The clear conscience of me is long overdue
I gave all of…

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  1. Somehow I saw myself in this. I am a woman, and this feels strongly masculine, however we also have our own versions of your curses. Sometimes love would have us confuse strength and weakness, clarity for being fooled. But we know ourselves. Sometimes too much so.

    Unforgettable image too. I just walked into my bedroom after an hour of fireworks in our front yard. This is part of my memory now.


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