Blues of Luther


Eyes close, and slowly his dreams began their flourish
Air, leaves, and birds emerge from the hills of the Moorish
Echoes of ideology rebound from the walls of the Pharisees’ temple
The earth scorns in disbelief, noteworthy; Lucifer himself was an angel

Clarity, behind the clouds he sees the future of a Tremble
Transgessions unfold in the loins of little pencils
O how thou art swayed his genius into the hollows of truth
O who hath creamed his flesh and let his youth reboot

For the preparations of his heart have been purged by melodies of remorse
For his stones have turned, and likely as his course

O the floors of Abbey crossed by sons of Liverpool
O the poets, the Kennedys, the Marleys, fighting the charges of the cruel
How long have ye lived along the stray of them fools
His being, submerged, baptized, with tears of babies and fair mules

Free! He is, o yes, free he is at last
He! O yes he, now belongs with the Hosts and their cast
Wake him not, for his eyes prefer their views as clean
Wake him not, or he’ll cry to sleep hoping to dream again

Andreá Fellini *2012*Copyright!

art: endless dream by Chvacher

16 thoughts on “Blues of Luther

  1. hi, nice to meet you, glad you liked my poems, your styl of writing is interesting, i am looking forward to read more and engage in poetry discussions.
    have a wonderful day,


  2. love this piece, as always! 🙂 i have a great and deep connection with this piece:
    Abbey- Im catholic and have been to several.
    Liverpool- UK were i go to uni atm and were i have lived for periods of time.
    Marley- my parents last name.


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