Dreams, with a Vengeance


The struggle, every last one of it
The burdens, every last ton of it
The humid corridors, where you handle your business
The friends and foes, same people, its just business

So the quote remains, ‘never take it personal’
Why not? When you’ve lost your soul to the decimals
It’s personal, on every level of atom
Gunning for the top, disregarding the ricochéts coming at ’em

Tis the intertwine of all personal beliefs
With the momentum of constantly living on edges of cliffs
How dare you not take it personal?
Everything is. It’s the law. It is and should be reciprocal

The petty benefits that’s accrued by the scholar
Is enormous to the ‘bottomers’ hoping for a dollar

So they dream

Big things on bigger things
It never stops, pimp rings on everything
The tragedies of coming up while living in a box
To the visions of going out, leaving in a bigger box

So you hula-hoop past the traditions of complex
Just so you can U-Haul into a beautiful complex
Motivated, cunning ways till the system is vexed
But who cares, we’ve already learned how to live with regrets

Imagine our journey up to this very point
Tell tales with roaches from each and every joint
So until that day when we can recline with no tension
Here’s to the Scarred Faces of America, may you Dream with a Vengeance

Andreá Fellini *2012*Copyright!

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