Eye for an Eye

That’s how it starts, a child is born
His surroundings raise him before his innocence is torn
Then his cracks are worn, his past is formed
The scars in his tank becomes his caution horn

Remnants of everything germinates the survivor
Religion and education laces the boots for the rider
Trade by barter, easy or harder, life for life
The world serves an eye for an eye

Ideology defines you till the message is lost
Either lost in your core or you carry a cross
The fatal reality that everything will be lost
So you save what you got or you cherish the loss

A journey prolonged, for miles and miles
The mechanics of now working to secure your future for life
A smile for a cry, a hi for a bye
Your child, your wife; your eye for an eye

Battleships in cold waters sailing the politics
Treaties and sanctions, the Genie-bottle-tricks
The fall of one man for the rise of a nation
The cry of one child, the response of a hundred dalmatians

The rarity of the truth, the clarity of the proof
Mother Nature’s orchestra blowing off the roof
United they survive, divided they die
No pawns on the chess, just an eye for an eye

Andreá Fellini *2012*Copyright!

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