Fun, Remember?

Can we please, go back to days
The days when everything was so yay!
When our passion ignited with just us, no flame
The days, nights, when you would say my name

O the days

Can we migrate to the times before
The times when all we needed was the kitchen floor
The times, when you couldn’t control the giggle
The times when everything I did, tickled 

O the times

Where did we loose our compass? Tell me
When did this cold find our mattress? Tell me
When did I, loose my warmth as a person? Tell me
When did we, stop doing it on the dresser? Don’t tell me

O the dresser

Wasn’t it just yesterday, that we were young?
Wasn’t it just then, that we were sprung?
Hasn’t it been months, since you wore a thong?
Feels like decades, since being ‘Us’ was ‘Fun’

O the Fun

Andreá Fellini *2012*Copyright!

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