Who’s next to go
Who’s next to John Lennon
Who’s next to show
An antidote to the world’s venom

The immoral revolt of angry teen ages
The back-biters, business suits but all racists

Who’s gutsy enough to show the world the truth
I mean right here, right now we need proof
We threw away the dream, nice girls, fast cars with no roofs
To watching senseless violence, innocence vamoose

The conflicts, politics, Wall Streets
The honesty buried in blank-cheques, so shhhhh

Who’s next to open the doors to rationality
To think fair of everyone regardless nationality
Bridging the gaps, releasing the traps
Staying plain, simple, no complicated overlaps

Who’s next to Marley,
Gandhi, Angelou or Giovanni
The question is everywhere
It’s just the answer that never finds me

We need another hero, another voice of reason
Another statesman, that’ll null all the treason

So, ….. Who’s it gonna be?

Andreá Fellini *2012*Copyright!

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