If Only Wishes

If I could have endless wishes
I’d wish to be the glass
That your lips caressed whenever you sipped that drink

I wish I was the one standing next to you
Deep in conversation like you’re nothing new

O I wish my lap was the bar stool
That you choreographically sat on
Wish you were leaning on me
And your back I carefully pat on

O I wish I was your shadow
Wherever you led, I’d go

O I wish I was the valet
So I could get your door
And watch every dimension as your thigh slit the dress and steps in my before

O I wish I was famous
Just so I could grab your attention
I wish I was the one you came home to
So I could grab more than your attention

It gets hard to picture you without turning my head your way
You’re a face so unique
I don’t want to see anyone else no more

O I wish I was a god
Cos they don’t make them like you no more

I wish I was the bartender
The one you shared a chuckle with whenever you placed an order

O I wish I would summon the guts
To come say ‘hello’

O I wish you wished my wishes
Cos you seem like you would be bold enough to act on it

God knows I’m too chicken
Too busy playing ‘cool guy chicken’

If only wishes were you

Andreá Fellini *2012*Copyright!


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