Sentiments of a Broken Heart

He was the first love that she ever knew
She still remembers holding hands on the avenue
First one who ever showed her how to sext
But the breakup was also through a text

Now she’s moving on with a different face
Every other week she’s wooed by a different date
Small town, so she sees him and her every other day
Smiles, but what she goes through within – only a broken heart can relate


He used to have a life before the big storm
Running the family business on a pig farm
Now its all gone with the wind of the big storm
Curtains closed on his life, scene’s off

A lil money left in the bank but its not enough
His wife’s health is on a thread, the medicines’ not enough
So much pressure for his age, his knees begin to quake
The cards he’s been dealt, only a broken heart can relate.

Andreá Fellini *2012*Copyright!

9 thoughts on “Sentiments of a Broken Heart


  2. oh-so relatable, but I’d like to see some connections here 🙂 You say 5 years ago you decided to foces on poetry? Good. 🙂 keep writing. We grow with every page


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