Beautiful Lie (Pt.1)

She’s too young to have seen it all

But that comes with the territory

They make rude gestures as she walks by

But that’s them at their best, no need for sorry


The shoes have lost their hurt

So she struts like a wonder-woman

Routine becomes a blurr

Still in need of a saviour, even though she’s wonder-woman


Every night, she transforms

Good-girl turn immortal goddess

Her days are a hue of quiet

She stares into a portal of hopeless


She believes ‘this can’t be the best of life’

But what use are dreams to a squid

A great escape feels like a mile too far

She’s caged in a Pyramid


5 years of best employee

Bountiful ones in tips

5 years of ‘this is my last day’

But no one quits the Pyramid


It quits you, the advice from her predecessors

She’s lived through, years of ignorant litter

Runaway, borrow strength from Mary Slessor

The Pyramid’s no place for a quitter


They don’t quit over here

They just never remember to say bye

You can’t quit over here

The Pyramid’s a beautiful lie

5 thoughts on “Beautiful Lie (Pt.1)

  1. I’m so glad personally to be what I call “off the grid” as much as I can be. 🙂 This is very moving, some of these lines are quite affecting “The shoes have lost their hurt” “5 years of ‘this is my last day’” “They don’t quit over here” So wonderfully bleak, I love it! hehh


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