Andrea' Fellini's ...

Loose the grip, just let go
Refuse the whip, no mellow
It’s not a perfect world unless you’re ready to soar
Yea, that’s right, glide in awe

It’s a beautiful sea, can you see it?
It’s a beautiful breeze, can you feel it?
Set your soul free from those humid oars
Yea, that’s right, dreams are floored

Reality stinks, but don’t say it
Imagination tweaks, but don’t repair it
No matter how far you wander it’ll retrace your path
Yea, that’s right, pack your bags

Leave the rest, that’s essential
Redeem your best, potentials
There’s a thousand them but there’s only one you
Yea, that’s right, believe in you

Andreá Fellini *2012*Copyright!

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