Andrea' Fellini's ...

Life usually gets lost in the hyphen 
Idioms tangling riddles ^^ dark ages lighten
Compound nouns ^^ together but fighting
New ideas vs. Retorts ^^ clash of the titans

Pay close attention to the next set of hyphens


Every word stands unique, flourishing its own idea
But the pairings pull in a whole new hemisphere

It’s like being in a relationship, or trying to get with the In-crowd
It’s either you find harmony, or the protest is beyond loud


Somehow there’s greater meaning than the connecting dots
Connected as they may, not all stories make the plot

Now take away the word ‘hyphen’, replace with life
Replace with wrong, replace with right
Replace with black, replace with white
Or replace with something more or less a phrase
Replace with ‘shades of grey’

And you’ll see what I mean by ‘lost in the…

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