Andrea' Fellini's ...

Charm: the smile of Janet Jackson, the unflinching love for Betty White

Fierce: the eyes of Gwen Stefani, the strut in the dance-steps of Beyonce’

Firm: the look of Madonna, the believe of Nelson Mandela

Strength: the courage of Muhammad Ali, the Libyan Revolution

Beauty: the smile of Charlize Theron, and the softness of Colbie Cailat

Sincere: the hick in the voice of Michael Jackson, the tears in eyes of Phil Jackson

Inspiration: the Dalai Lama

Trust: the soar of a daughter being  lifted up by her father, the bond of a newly wed couple

Happy: the tired arms of new Super Bowl Winners, and the confessions of a proud grandma

Love: the cooking from grandma’s kitchen

Agony: the tears of a cancer patient, and the cry against any injustice

Heroes: Seal Team 6, the Freedom Tower, and the kid who rescued a dying dog

Life: the cries of a…

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