A Writer’s Writer

She’s a writer’s writer, but never is she a biter
She’s a complex-thought-machine; like a cypher
But her metaphors are a better decypher
Don’t read too close, you might end up a disciple

Her words are a slide-show in slow-motion
Wrangling a blur with a perfect motion
Like high-tides from the stillest oceans
Evacuate, cos soon comes commotion

Behind the veil of a pen, you can hear ’em
Going down in the fast lane, German engineering
But still, she’s a soothing Serena to venom
And her trials are a constant, no subpoena, you can hear ’em

Her perfect stanzas are written in pictures
Testifying of the times like it was written in scripture
And from the base of that ink, the truth’s revealed
She’s a writer’s writer, she’s a heavenly-hail 

Andreá Fellini *2012*Copyright!

4 thoughts on “A Writer’s Writer

  1. And she’s got the paper. There’s such intensity in this it scares me, cause I immediately self-examine. 🙂 “Don’t read too close” That’s right, please don’t haha Love it, the first piece of yours I’ve read, you’ve a striking style really.


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