A Place to call Home


She was a good girl
But she was lost in the city life

Addicted to the pearls
And the flaws of the city nights

Everything came with a twirl
Dressed so pretty nice

But underneath that world
Lay a beige greedy heist

But she cared less, cos she was looking for something

Regardless, any of anything was better than nothing

She couldn’t envision going back to Kansas
She’d rather live here with the Marilyn-Mansons

Downtown by the Strip, that’s where she came alive

Every fancy saddle, she’ll always wanna ride

But in between all the shoes and cars
Booze and bars
Her roots stood far

She wasn’t one of them but she fit in nice
A preacher’s daughter, muted with a cloned disguise

She knew all the gospel songs, and even read that book
But none of those teachings, could take away from the effects of her look

Brunette, 21, but smiled like a seventeen

Anything she wanted, a smile would probably get her ten

All the city studs, constantly flocked to her tail
Like kids to a grandfather with stories to tell

But somewhere in her mind’s horizon, she longed for a lil more

The glitter and golds, was nothing close to a lil more

So she hoped, that someone would see her through

But instead, they all saw right through

So she quenched that hunger with more of the drugs,
More of the rocks
and More of the rolls

Until the day that she made it to the news, Overdose victim found in a bathroom stall

And now, her story will forever remain untold

The few that cried, never even knew her last name at all

She was laid to rest, by the cradle of her mother

Tulips, her favorites, laid by her father

His last sermon, would carry a theme for her tomb

“My dear daughter, I hope you’ve found a place you can call Home”


Andreá Fellini *2012*Copyright!

art: tennessee tracks by babyrubydoll

10 thoughts on “A Place to call Home

  1. My favourite of yours that I have read as yet. A very sad narrative but it resonates truth! I hope she found home 🙂


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