The Best, of all the Best-Men

He’s the craziest lad on the block
The one-man-topic of all the blogs

He drives a bike, no, two bikes, and a Charger
His likes and dislikes, you’ll only find out over a good lager

He’s never out of tune with reality
But his life to many, is a fantasy

He began with a speech at his high-school graduation

3 years later in college, he showed the female volleyball team the benefits of masturbation

He respects roadblocks, but is keen to breaking boundaries
He believes you know a man better by the freshness of his laundries

He loves Jäger, Heineken and a couple of Jack and Coke
His name is hardly spoken in bars, they refer to him as the GOAT.

The “Greatest Of All Time” in everyone’s view
His prime cannot be outdone, not even by you

He’s loved by the ladies, sure he’s a great flirt
But he’s too humble, even to talk about his net-worth

He’s known to push all the way to scary limits
He avoids the show-offs, and shrugs off all gimmicks

He could very well be the most ‘interesting man in the world’ or the voice of ‘Men’s Wearhouse’

But he’d rather reserve the accolades, so every trophy is dumped at a warehouse

He creates havoc, but he’s far from socio-path
He brings worlds together, creating the socio paths

He’s on a first-name basis with world leaders and even the doormen
He respects every profession, even the doormen

He’s beyond intellectual, and fascinates even Professors
But he cherishes a simple conversation with bartenders much more than the snobby professors

He’s the premier connoisseur of the ‘Haute Living’
And to every abuser of human rights, he’s totally unforgiving

He’s been to mountain tops, and the bottomest valleys
He stands for his believes, and garnishes the peaceful rallies

He’s best friends with George Clooney
And he stills laughs at the dark humor of his friend, Paul Mooney

His pearly appeal, made a lesbian rethink her sexual preference
He gave courage to the gay teen and helped him break the news to his parents

He was the only one to ever flirt with Mother Theresa
He once caught the eye of the sweetest Princess Diana

He has one neighbour who thinks he’s absolutely crazy
For he once jumped on stage and hi-fived the rapper Jay-Z

He’s the source of many inspirations
He never passes on helping troubled youths with their aspirations

He’s fun, energetic, and well spoken
The waiters know him as the one who often leaves behind a swell token

He isn’t black or white or brown, he’s everybody
Today Tel-Aviv, tomorrow Cape Town, he parties with everybody

If ever there was a chart that compiled all of the best men
He would be the Best, of all of the Best Men

When everyone around him is crawling to their covers

He’s that guy on the balcony screaming to you and the neighbors,

“Hey! The party is not over!”

Andreá Fellini *2012*Copyright!

17 thoughts on “The Best, of all the Best-Men

  1. The muses make so little to laugh at when Poetry enters the room. So I applaud your endeavor. I can’t help thinking while I read trhrough the second time how trying to stretch it a bit into iambic pentameter might not bring highlights to the piece.>KB


      • I hope you don’t think I didn’t like it. On the contrary I thought it rather good. I only made a suggestion. I apologize if I overstepped a line or did not make myself better understood. For me words are not things to be simply thrown away like so longs to a hooker. When you throw your words away, you throw away part of your self with it. Throw enough of them away and you might find one day you don’t have many left to choose from when you want to be more than just interesting. Have a good holiday.>KB


      • O I know you did. I’m glad you did. And I fully welcome the suggestion, critic. This is art, all responses from it is welcomed. That’s the fume its inspired from. Words are priceless to me too. But my principles aren’t that strict on the use. I used to think that way, but no more. Finesse of living helps recycle the fun in writing. Please, I’m glad you gave suggestions. Thank you. I welcome your audience.


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