Dark & Twisted, but its not a Fantasy


Culled from when my feet’s in loafers
Back’s on sofas
And my mind is somewhere with tremblings in oceans

Breezed and coasting
While feeling the potion

I recline as my spine unloads a timeline
Realizing that it’s fine that I’m not in my primetime

So I dream of things
And scheme of means
To redeem my wings
But my zodiac flaw is that I’m deemed supreme

And I mean in all levels, I’m all rebel
So when the pen begins sketching, the ink drips off a devil

O my, I can’t even explain where the hell that came from
Where I got my name from

It’s the same boy lost in the grand state of Columbus

Just go through the mezzanine in my concourse
And you will realize that my ego is pompous


How do you define ego using the word “pompous”?
I believe in the word “ego”, there’s already a pompous

It’s like a sparkle ending to a twisted tragedy
So Dark and Twisted, but its not a Fantasy

If it ain’t, then what is it?
Goddamn! It’s Reality.

– Andreá Fellini

3 thoughts on “Dark & Twisted, but its not a Fantasy

  1. Dark and twisted indeed… And the words are arranged so that they have an almost convoluted appearance! Fantastic. 🙂


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