Never Again

It was a bad idea since the beginning of time

But here’s where the buck stops. Here’s where I draw the line.
Right where the truck stops,
Thats where I wore the wine.

That’s what’s clouded my judgement
That’s why I seem like every other immature male specimen

That’s why you see a different me And I can tell you’re using a different eye

A different I
A difference I,
still can’t spot
My emotions all summoned in a vacant lot

The truth, far and away from me

The hurt, near and too close to me

The pain I bear
The friends you hear
The reign of fears
The den of tears
Not anymore dear

Definitely not my idea
of a night out

Invite me no more
Please, no more

No more shall such an idea be conceived and offered
Only to let such sorrow to prosper

It was a bad idea, since beginning of time

But there will be no next time

Never again.

– Andreá Fellini

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