X and O’s

When I write,

I operate at a point between x and o’s
My brain’s somewhere in the middle of stress and flows

I know a lot of writers save their best for dough
Doesn’t hurt, but all I try to do is progress and grow

A lot of feelings I express on notes
My ex would know
But that’s another topic, sorry I digress my flows

As I was saying, I study a lot of vets in prose
Giving due to the legends, and try to keep up with who’s next to show

I often place bets on glow
Cos I can spot a sparkle, even though the writer may be yet to test the snow

I use ‘snow’ as a metaphor to reflect the lows
Cos every writer goes through that phase, like you’re lost somewhere in Mexico

But recovery isn’t the point, as a matter of fact: the best of flows usually springs from hardship, a point where you are vexed and low

Doesn’t mean there are no happy streams. True, but it ain’t always fest and shows

The deeper an emotion takes you, the more you nest the growth
Of something remarkable, that only your pen can dress and show

Basic emotions like: happy, sad, confused, rage: every word is a guest of those

Notice I didn’t mention love. Cos if you don’t love the art; you wouldn’t even care to write

That’s why I’m writing this, with LOVE to all writers

X and O’s

– Andreá Fellini  

******pls don’t stop writing*****

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