Take Me in Vain

We met in the library

Good books
Good looks
No crooks

Only thing I stole was a smile from your heart

You smile
I smile
We smiled

A melodic rapport we had

I savored
Our flavor
Happy vapors

We reviewed ourselves instead of the books

Your humor
My humor
Our humor

Like we knew each other forever so intros weren’t necessary

So we walked
Strangers locked in arms

The floral momentum in your giggle made me skip a bit

I skipped
You skipped
We skipped

Hugs, pats and sarcasm

“Today we forgot our scars of life together, Only right we spend tonight together”

You liked the idea, but hated the line.
But you took my hand, so I walked the line

More hugs,
and then A kiss

One kiss, then a look, as intense and volcanic
So We tongued away to another planet

Tonight I want you
Tonight you want me
Tonight we want us

“So,Take me away”

I loved that line

Take me away you whispered
Just for tonight, worry of nothing


Take me in vain

– Andreá Fellini

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