Just another guy in New York City

Dedicated to You, you know who you are.

He steps out of his apartment doors
Checking his breath, no flaws

He glides down from the sixth floor
There’s an old lady before him. Wait. A lil pause

As he makes it to the last lever
He can smell the breeze from the East River

It’s 7 blocks to the Metro in a chilly weather
But he counts it as working out, no shiver

Kids hopping on a school bus
He admires the design on the lil one’s hair-cut

That was him back in the 80’s
Flashback to dad’s old-school Mercedes

He smiles at the Latino ladies
Another reason he loves New York City

Brush through the shoulders of strangers just to get on the train
Fastest means to work, a lotta time to gain

Phone rings as he finds a seat next to a white girl
His bodyspray’s endearing, he could be her black pearl

But on his phone is another white girl
But that’s his boss, the legendary ‘you-have-to-be-on-time’ girl

In a subtle way she’s loving his accent, and all of his bla bla bla
But to him its just a phone-conversation, a petty chitta-chatter

5 minutes then he’s off the train
While she’s thinking of ways to talk to him

Too late, he’s stepping off the train
O well, there’s no time left to scheme

He climbs up to get to Downtown
Sidesteps the dreams of a man-down

The kid from Uptown Harlem,
Finally made it to Assistant Manager at a shoe-store in Downtown Manhattan

He knows the city like the back of his hand
But sometimes it just feels like a scar on the back of his hand

He stares at his favorite billboard. Dior, Charlize looking so grand and pretty

He’s lost in gaze, till a shoulder bumps just to remind him that:

He’s just another guy in New York City

*********Andreá Fellini*********

2 thoughts on “Just another guy in New York City

  1. Excellent! Been looking forward to this for the past few hours and it did not disappoint. Really well-written again and I love the rhyming scheme. 🙂 Makes me feel terribly nostalgic.


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