…and There’s My Full Stop

Noun. you were definitely more to me

Subject. you came first, and behind was every part of me.

Pronoun. Nothing proceeded you. It was just you, you, and you again

Conjunction. I built a bridge just for you. Refocused everything I knew just to fit you.

Exclamation. That’s how I feel, I put my feelings for you right on a pedestal.

Paragraph. It was soon to end, little did I know the short-sentence-replies really meant more.

Comma. You slowed me down, I tried to keep going but you fooled me to a bump.

Phrase. Nothing close to a clause. Your deceptiveness deserved a round of applause.

Interjection. That’s how I feel. Every syllable in your speech hurts with a drill.

Period. You ground me to a halt. Poured my feelings in asphalt and rubbed it down with salt.

Space. That’s where are now. Can’t find you no matter how far I plow.

Semi colon. I can tell it’s over but please, try not to say the last Goodbyes

Quotation. This is the end of us, it was fun while it lasted. But for now, good luck.

And there’s my full stop.


– Andreá Fellini

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