Silly Me

Monochromatic Adventure Photo Wattpad Cover

Silly me

Silly me, I should have seen it coming
Silly me, I used to know those signs

O how I wish I was running Running Away from the lies

The lies that capsized our boat
That drowned our float
That choked our toast

Silly me, I should never have boast

Boast of you and I forever
Boast of us, any-wherever

My friends, Silly as me, but they saw clearer

I squint my eyes, to focus on you clearer
But nothing is ever that clearer

Only clarity is the fact, you’ll never be nearer

Not today at least
Not today

Goodbyes are adequate
But silly me, I can’t relate

Can’t relate to loosing
Can’t relate to giving up

Can’t relate to infidelity
Can’t even relate, to a blind, silly, me.

Silly me.

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